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5 Covered Deck Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project 

Choose the Best Materials for Your Next Covered Deck Project

Designing a stylish, yet functional, deck space comes with a few unique parameters. You want the space to look effortlessly stylish, while still being sturdy enough to stand up to the elements. All parts of your house should reflect your personal style. But, you have to consider the comfort of your guests at the same time. For a perfect blend of style and functionality, you’ll want to browse some covered deck ideas.


Because with a covered deck, you’re giving your guests shade and shelter from hot sunshine, rain, or even snow. But at the same time, you’re building upward and personalizing your deck. You can customize your deck to your preferences without shoving a million different accent pieces into a finite space.

A covered deck can and should be more than just an awning or a fixture with planks overhead. The type, color, and makeup of the wood are all vital components when creating a covered deck. Even more so, it’s how you outfit this covering. This will offer endless opportunities for style and flair.

Let’s take a look at some creative, elegant covered deck ideas to inspire you or your clients in your next project.

Get Familiar With the Types of Covered Decks

Before we get into the material and accouterments for your covered deck, we should get acquainted with the types of decks you can choose from.

Here are a few of the overhead styles and covered decks for you to consider:


A pergola traditionally supports a flat roof, with beams often going in just one direction, or sometimes crossing. A pergola roof can be open, covered with fabric, or even support fast-growing vines. It’s identified by having four or more posts or columns. Considering pergolas will likely be exposed to outdoor elements like moisture and sunlight, choose a resistant hardwood. Ipe or Cumaru are excellent choices.

Attached Overhead

An attached overhead is often built at the same time as the deck or added to an existing deck. As its name suggests, it’s attached to the deck itself by the back wall of your house. It may also have a roof that’s supported by sturdy posts on the other side of the deck. Ideally, the materials used on the Overhood are the same materials used to build the deck. Be creative with varying colors and check out all Norx collections for more inspiration.


A gazebo offers more than just the standard square or rectangular shape. Gazebos can be hexagonal, octagonal, etc., to create a more enclosed, room-like space. They are often surrounded by other garden structures and held up by posts. Some designs may appear more exotic than others. This means Tigerwood is a great alternative for Gazebo projects.


Smaller than a pergola or a gazebo, this design boasts an open-roof design made of simple slats. You can grow or decorate the structure with vines, or create a lattice effect on top for a more enclosed effect. Arbors include 2 to 4 posts that could be made of both hardwoods or composite materials. Arbors can be built using Tigerwood, Jatoba, Trex, or other supportive materials.

Roof Extension

Roof extensions are great for extending an already existing structure without interrupting the flow or lines of your roof. Keep in mind, this is not a DIY, weekend project. You’ll need help from a professional for this one. 

Before getting started on any of these projects, make sure you do your research. Consult a planning commission and look into your area’s local codes. Building a new structure, especially one that will reach a certain height, might require permits from your surrounding area.

Add Personalized Flare to Your Covered Deck

We’ve explored some types of overhead structures to choose from. Now, let’s get into styling your new space.

  • Covered Decks in Colors and Specs

You get to decide whether you want your outdoor space to complement your indoor decor or stand on its own. When it comes to the design, what you use to build it is going to make a difference.

Natural wood colors are best for modern, simplistic designs. On the other hand, darker colors and stains are an elegant all-time favorite. Pure white pergolas are a popular design, too.

Aside from color, what is your deck made of? Composite decking is durable and comes in different styles and colors. Hardwoods give you a natural feel, with a strong foundation to boot. A great advantage of hardwood is that it can be milled according to the size you need.

If you want to make sure you’re choosing the right style, use or the Azek app. Azek is a trusted partner of LumberPlus, and we strongly encourage using their tool. This will help to visualize your space before making any big moves. 

  • Poolside Pergolas and More

If you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard, think about how your deck space can surround it in a unique, inviting way. 

If guests are out getting some sun or doing laps, they might appreciate a more defined, separate space to rest, hydrate, or relax. Giving them a covered space to get some shade and beverages gives you a lot of versatility without a lot of hassle.

For decks with hot tubs, think of year-round comfort. If you can’t go a few weeks without taking a dip in your jacuzzi, consider a covered deck. This will keep rain, sleet, and snow out for a luxuriously comfortable experience. Ipe wood is the perfect choice considering its water-resistance and lifespan of 75 years or more.

  • Partially Covered Decks Create Different Vibes in Different Spaces

No one said you had to cover your entire deck. Your setup can be as unique as you are.

Be strategic about what you want to go under a covered space and what might be more fun out in the open. Placing deck chairs, couches, and tables somewhere out in the sun offers comfort out of the sun. On the other hand, put lounge chairs out in the sunlight for a place to get a tan and soak in some Vitamin D. 

  • Lighting Your Covered Deck

There’s nothing as beautiful or elegant as fairy lights draped on top of a lattice-roof pergola. For a romantic look, you can’t beat it. LumberPlus also offers stunning In-Lite options for your covered deck.

But think about how you use your outdoor space. Are you looking for ambiance for entertaining guests, or do you need substantial lighting for cornhole and Kan-Jam games that go late into the night?

If you want to illuminate your outdoor table, consider placing a light in the center of your structure. If you want to light up your yard or pool deck, use the covering to light up your entire space.

  • Keep Your Builder or Contractor in the Loop

When it comes to any sort of overhead structure, support and sturdiness should be your top priority. Make sure your covered deck withstands time and the elements. This will reduce the risk of future repairs and give you a space you’ll love for years to come.

To make sure everything is up to code, safe, and stunning, don’t be afraid to hire a contractor or professional. Let them in on your vision, what vibe you’re going for, and what a normal day might look like in this space. 

If you’re determined to go DIY, don’t go in blind. Be smart, do your research, and be prepared. Measure twice, cut once. 

Lumber Plus is Your Go-To Lumber Supplier

Before you hammer a single nail, get in touch with the experts at Lumber Plus. We use only the finest lumber in the world supplied by Black Label. This way, you can rest assured every project starts out with a foundation that you can trust.

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