Why Should I Install A Composite Decking?

Choosing the right material for the flooring in your outdoor spaces is not always an easy task. We all want a floor that is beautiful but at the same time capable of withstanding the effects of weather conditions and the harsh conditions of being outdoors.

Choosing the right material for the decking in your outdoor spaces is not always an easy task. We all want a deck that is beautiful but at the same time capable of withstanding the effects of weather conditions and the harsh conditions of being outdoors.

Composite can be the solution to all these issues. The mixture of wood fibers and plastic polymers makes a very resistant and durable product that has optimal qualities to become the perfect outdoor decking, although it is also being used to manufacture cladding and wall coverings.

That’s right, this material can become your best ally when we talk about the design and construction of your outdoor dream spaces. If you came here to know the advantages of having a Composite Decking, you came to the right place. . We, at Lumber +, have carefully analyzed the benefits of this material. Come along and let us help you through.

Advantage #1: the charm of lumber

Let’s be honest: we love lumber, both indoors and outdoors. Its beautiful tones, variety in its textures and even that characteristic smell is our favorite symbol of a cozy home.

Composite decks give you the best of lumber, and even more. Resistance to rot, scratches, warping, splinter, you just have to install them and start enjoying them without further ado.

Advantage #2: tough from the core

We could save it for the end but how can we bear the urge to tell it. The greatest advantage of composite decking is its enormous resistance to the effects of the elements.

It is not just a material capable of withstanding extreme conditions of humidity and heat. It also withstands solar radiation without fading, abrasion, and impacts, and won’t crack or chip. If you need a comfortable, safe, and low-maintenance option, this one’s for you.

Advantage #3: many options to choose from

Another advantage that composite offers if you are looking for good outdoor decking is that you find it available in a wide variety of models, grains, and finishes.

Composite decks are designed to achieve the effect that you like the most. In addition, the composite reproduces different colors, from the most natural tones of wood to more customized ones.

Easy to install

So much so that if at this moment you have already decided on the compound and have chosen it as a material for the exterior of your house, you can go out to buy and install it yourself without being an expert.

It is a lightweight material that is comfortable to handle. It will be enough that you advise yourself properly and you will get a good result. At Lumber+ we have professionals willing to guide you through any project you want to start.

Note: Ensure that the floor has a slight slope to promote drainage and that water does not accumulate under the composite.

The king of summer

Do you have a pool in your garden? Composite can become the ideal deck for this space. In addition to not deteriorating either by the effect of humidity or by the sun’s rays, it is not affected by mold or fungi, and it is not damaged by chlorine.

In addition, it is non-slip and, as it does not splinter, it is perfectly safe to walk barefoot on it. It is simply the ideal ally in those pool parties that are coming this summer.

Zero maintenance? Almost

Well, it is not that the composite does not need maintenance but it is really simple and easy. Maintaining a composite decking is pretty much keeping it clean. As easy as that. Simply scrub it with mild soap and water, without using abrasive detergents, and you have it for years and years to come.

In the case of stains, rub them with a root brush and they will be easily removed. Finally, rinse with a hose or a pressure washer. Pressurized water will help you to make it perfect. It only remains to wait for it to dry.

Perfect green choice

On top of everything to love about Composite Decking, it’s also made of 95% plastic. But, guess what? the components used in its manufacture are almost always recycled materials.

In the case of our composites, they are 95% made up of recycled polymers and the rest is made up of recovered plant fibers.

You already decided? If you need help you can chat with us. We will be happy to support you.



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