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5 Types of Tools To Get Your Deck Project Started

Whether you decide to take the reins yourself or ask for professional help, we made this list of the essential tools needed to start building your ideas.

Usually, carrying out any deck project requires a variety of tools. Some of these tools are commonly found in a homeowner’s toolbox, while others might be unfamiliar to the casual do-it-yourselfer.

Fortunately at Lumber+, you can consider renting high-quality versions of tools that you only need for your project construction, rather than buying low-quality tools for the same price.

Picture of a man using a measuring tool, an essential resource for a deck project.
Some of these tools are common in a homeowner’s toolbox.

1 – Measuring tools are essential for a deck project

A tape measure to measure both the materials to be cut, as well as the space that will be available during construction. for cutting as you build.

A spirit level also will help to ensure that a deck, for example, is completely straight and therefore properly installed. In addition to this, you can mark the measurements that you obtain as a reference as you work.

2 – Drills

A drill with masonry bit holes in the concrete piers so you can attach them to the tray posts. A drill is suitable for drilling holes in the wood for deck hardware.

3 – Wrenches

You need a wrench and impact wrench to assemble the deck hardware. An impact wrench is the power tool version of a wrench.

4 – Concrete Mixing Tools

Use a concrete mixer or mixing channel and garden hoe to mix the concrete for the deck piers. A concrete mixer is a metal barrel that rotates on a frame, mixing the resulting concrete. With a channel and garden hoe, they mix the concrete by moving around the channel with a garden hoe.

5 – Circular Saw

A circular saw is a tool with a circular blade that cuts through pieces of wood or composite quickly. Circular saws are available in handheld and table-mounted styles.

Bonus: other tools you’ll surely need for your deck project

Use a shovel to dig holes in the deck foundation soil and piers. The shovel is also used to place concrete into the holes around the piers. You need a hammer to drive nails through the wood as you mount the deck. Use a utility knife to cut through the waterproof membrane that goes on the side of the house.



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