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Thermowood, The King Of Ceilings

Exploring the Superiority of Thermowood® Ayous for Ceiling Installations and Appreciating Their Majesty

Ceilings, the crowning glory of any space, offer a canvas for diverse materials, from sleek aluminum cladding to traditional timber and everything in between. Despite the myriad choices, only a select few materials earn the honor of being crowned kings. Enter Thermowood® Ayous powered by Novawood Technology—a thermally modified wood that not only boasts strength but captivates with its unique beauty and golden tones. What sets it apart further is its easy, simple installation process using mere brad nailers, and nothing else.

In this article, we’re delving into the reasons behind its soaring popularity and unveiling why it deserves a prime spot in your upcoming project.

Effortless Installation

Ceilings demand an easy installation process, benefiting both contractors and homeowners. Typically, hanging something high involves a complex series of procedures, like scaffolding and more. The simpler it is, the better—for everyone involved. That’s where Thermowood® Ayous shines. Its remarkably lightweight properties and low density streamline the installation process, making it a breeze. Utilizing its tongue and groove boards, all you need is a brad nailer, and you’re good to go. This not only saves time but also enhances its adaptability for various projects.

A bundle of Thermowood® Ayous ready to ship in our Boston facility.

Lightweight Material

Thermowood® Ayous stands out for being significantly lighter than various materials, including renowned lumber species like oak and cypress. What sets it apart is its modification process, effectively eliminating nearly all moisture from the wood. With hardly any water content, it becomes notably lighter than other options out there. That’s the magic of Thermowood® Ayous—it’s not just about being light; it’s also about how easy it is to handle, just as we discussed earlier.

A glimpse of a recent project where we supplied Thermowood Ayous. The customer came in for Cypress, but fell in love with Thermowood.

Consistent Look and Feel

A notable characteristic of Thermowood® Ayous is its ability to provide an uniform color and texture. This consistency enhances its aesthetic appeal, creating a visually pleasing ceiling that adds charm to any space. Can you imagine this kind of material on your ceiling?

Durability and Resistance

Unlike traditional chemical treatments, Thermowood® Ayous undergoes a purely natural transformation using heat and steam. This chemical-free method subjects the wood to high temperatures in a controlled environment, reducing its moisture content and altering its molecular structure. This process fortifies the wood, enhancing its resistance to decay, fungal growth, and insect infestation. Additionally, this thermal modification significantly boosts its dimensional stability, reducing the risk of warping, shrinking, or swelling when exposed to varying humidity levels. The resulting product is a remarkably durable and resilient material that stands the test of time.

25-Year Warranty

Opting for Thermowood® Ayous ensures durability, backed by a substantial 25-year warranty. This warranty underscores the manufacturer’s confidence in the wood’s longevity and quality.

Thermowood® comes in packages, with the quantity determined by their thickness.

Low Maintenance

Thermally Modified Ayous demands minimal maintenance, especially when shielded from direct sunlight. This feature makes it an attractive option for those seeking a hassle-free ceiling solution, eliminating the need for frequent staining or upkeep.

A consistent color and texture that enhance the overall appearance of any space.

In summary, Thermowood® Ayous stands out as an outstanding choice for ceiling applications, offering a winning combination of easy installation, lightweight properties, consistent aesthetics, extensive warranty and minimal maintenance requirements. This reason is enough to consider it The King of Ceilings. Whether you prioritize convenience, visual appeal, or long-term durability, Thermowood® Ayous proves to be a versatile and reliable solution for your ceiling needs.

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