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Composite House Cladding: Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Composite house cladding has gained significant traction for its durability, maintenance, and versatility. The cladding serves functional and aesthetic purposes by dramatically enhancing the exterior of a home. 

Lumber Plus stands out with its premium composite siding solutions that are designed to meet diverse homeowner needs.

The Composition of Composite House Cladding: What You Need to Know

Composite house cladding is made from 95% recycled materials, such as hardwood fibers, recycled polyethylene, bonding agents, additives, and colorants. These materials create a strong composition strong enough to withstand environmental pressures while also offering various design options.

Over time, composite materials have become more sustainable and focused on performance. They were first developed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional materials, but now composite cladding is valued for its durability and design versatility.

Advantages of Composite House Cladding

Dark wood siding on the side and soffit of a house. 
Dark wood cladding on the side and soffit of a house. 

Durability and Resistance

One key advantage of composite cladding is its strong resistance to harsh weather, such as strong winds, rain, and changing temperatures. Unlike traditional wood that can warp or rot, composite materials stay in good shape for years, which cuts down on the need for replacements. This long-lasting quality makes composite house cladding a smart choice for cost-effective, long-term home improvement projects.

Low Maintenance

Composite house cladding also gives homeowners a break from the constant maintenance that wood siding demands. There’s no need for painting, staining, or sealing because it’s made to keep its color and strength without ongoing care. This durability against wear and tear not only makes life easier for homeowners, it also saves money on exterior maintenance costs.

Aesthetic Flexibility

Another benefit of composite cladding is that it comes in a variety of styles and colors, which gives homeowners the ability to tailor their home exteriors to any architectural style. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic wood look or a sleek, contemporary finish, composite cladding has the flexibility to meet any design preference, which makes it a versatile option for exterior home design.

Energy Efficiency

Composite cladding also contributes to a home’s energy efficiency. Its insulative properties help maintain internal temperatures, lowering heating and cooling costs. This thermal efficiency makes homes more comfortable and also reduces overall energy consumption, which is beneficial for both the wallet and the environment.

Norx® Composite House Cladding

Dark wood siding trimmed with white on the side of a house.
Dark composite wood siding trimmed with white on the side of a house.

Lumber Plus offers a selection of unique composite wood siding collections from Norx® that is designed to meet specific appearance and functional requirements. 

These collections, such as London, Rome, New York, and Los Angeles, are praised for their innovative features and adaptability to various climates and architectural styles.

They closely mimic the natural appearance of wood, but eliminate the common drawbacks of real wood such as frequent maintenance, susceptibility to weather, and deterioration over time.

London Collection

The London Collection by Norx® includes wide slat panels made from top-quality materials. They’re easy to install and feature a unique color and wood grain pattern that mimics natural wood. The panels are designed to let air flow between the siding and joists, which helps prevent moisture buildup and extends their lifespan. There are four colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your project:

  • Mayfair
  • Hydepark
  • Oxford
  • Big Ben

Rome Collection

The Rome Collection by Norx® includes a slim version of their popular panels, designed with a natural wood-like finish that’s simple to clean and maintain. Ideal for smaller spaces and versatile in use, these panels offer advanced moisture and fade resistance to ensure durability and performance. Available in four colors, you can pick the perfect match for your project’s style and design:

  • Colosseum
  • Pantheon
  • Trevi
  • Navona

New York Collection

The New York Collection by Norx® impressively handles tough situations with its unique function and innovative design. It has a durable coating that repels water and looks good, too. Its cladding armor offers an efficient and eco-friendly method to manage humidity on building surfaces. It is available in 3 colors:

  • Empire State
  • Brooklyn
  • Rockefeller

Los Angeles Collection

Norx® temperature control technology in the Los Angeles Collection offers unmatched resistance to moisture and fading, along with the finest textures on the market. It combines beauty and functionality with a wide and cosmopolitan range of colors that capture the vibrant essence of the “city of stars”. There are three color options to choose from:

  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice

Each of these collections comes with a 30-year warranty that covers fading and staining, which underscores the Norx® commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Composite House Cladding Design Applications

Light brown composite cladding on the side of a boutique business.
Light brown composite cladding on the side of a boutique business.

Lumber Plus composite house cladding is suitable for a variety of architectural styles, and it provides solutions for both new construction and renovations:

Mixed Material Facade

This design blends different siding materials on the same facade to create a layered or textural effect. For example, combining composite house cladding with elements like stone, brick, or metal can enhance visual interest and define different areas or levels of a building.

Integrated Horizontal and Vertical Siding

Rather than using just one orientation, this design mixes horizontal lap siding with vertical panels to create distinct sections or highlight architectural features. It can help break the visual length of large walls or emphasize entryways.

Accent Inlays

Incorporate strips of contrasting materials or colors as horizontal or vertical inlays between standard cladding panels. It can be used to outline windows, doors, or other architectural elements in order to add a custom touch to the exterior design.

Textured Surface Combinations

Utilize cladding with different surface textures, such as smooth and wood grain, in the same color to add subtle variety without overwhelming the design. This approach can give depth to the facade while also maintaining a cohesive look.

Dark textured cladding on the exterior walls of a house with shrubbery in front.
Dark textured cladding on the exterior walls of a house with shrubbery in front.

Discover the Lasting Beauty of Lumber Plus Exterior Composite House Cladding

Wood textured cladding on the exterior of a house with big glass windows.
Wood textured cladding on the exterior of a house with big glass windows.

Explore the enduring elegance and durability of Lumber Plus composite cladding solutions. Our Composite Siding Collections, backed by a 30-year warranty, can provide long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

Contact us today to explore all the exterior cladding options available at Lumber Plus.



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