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Best Commercial Interior Design: Taking Workspace Aesthetics to New Heights

Most commercial spaces have mundane, overused, and out-of-touch designs. 

However, Lumber Plus is looking to change this by offering a diverse range of wall and ceiling products that could improve even the best commercial interior design.

Understanding Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in shaping the experience of a space, whether it’s an office, retail store, or any other business environment.

In fact, the best commercial interior designs balance aesthetic appeal, practical functionality, and building code compliance altogether.

Some of the key considerations include space planning, color schemes, lighting, and the selection of materials that reflect the brand while meeting the specific needs of the environment.

10 Commercial Interior Design Principles

Wood cladding panels inside an office space. 
Wood cladding panels inside an office space. 

To effectively transform any commercial space, understanding and applying core interior design principles is crucial.

1. Flexibility and Adaptability: Design spaces that can evolve with changing needs and trends.

2. Technological Integration: Seamlessly incorporate modern technology for improved functionality.

3. Modern Aesthetics: Ensure interiors remain visually appealing and up-to-date.

4. Personalization: Customize spaces to meet the unique preferences of users.

5. Safety First: Prioritize the well-being of occupants through thoughtful design.

6. Sustainability: Emphasize eco-friendly practices and materials in design choices.

7. Brand Reflection: Design spaces that articulate the brand’s identity and values.

8. Lighting Innovation: Use lighting to enhance mood and efficiency by effectively integrating natural and artificial sources.

9. Sound Management: Incorporate acoustic solutions to create comfortable and private spaces.

10. Community and Collaboration: Encourage interaction and teamwork with thoughtfully designed communal areas.

Incorporating these principles into the design of commercial interiors can drastically transform any workspace by aligning aesthetic appeal with practicality and innovation, to ultimately create environments that inspire and foster productivity.

Lumber Plus Commercial Interior Design Solutions

Wood panels line the hallway of a workspace.
Wood panels line the hallway of a workspace.

Lumber Plus has some of the best commercial interior design products, ranging from composite wood, hardwood, and Thermowood®:

Harnessing the Elegance of Hardwood

  • Benefits: The aesthetic appeal and durability of hardwood makes it a cornerstone for sophisticated commercial designs. Its natural resistance contributes to a lasting elegance in any space.
  • Design Applications: Ideal for executive offices and luxury retail spaces, hardwood floors and panels from Lumber Plus set a tone of refined sophistication that perfectly complements a brand’s high-end image.

Maximizing Potential with Composites

  • Material Strengths: Composite materials offer unmatched resilience which makes them ideal for areas subject to intense use. Their ease of maintenance and wide range of finishes allow for design flexibility.
  • Versatile Design Solutions: Perfect for bustling lobbies or functional cafeterias, composites provide a durable yet stylish solution. Their adaptability allows designers to meet both the practical demands and aesthetic aspirations of any commercial project.

Exploring the Advantages of Thermowood®

  • Innovative Features: Thermowood® stands out for its enhanced durability and resistance to decay that is achieved through a chemical-free process. This makes it an environmentally-friendly choice for interior and exterior applications.
  • Creative Uses in Design: Its versatility shines in outdoor dining settings and wellness areas, where the natural beauty of wood creates a serene, inviting atmosphere. Thermowood’s stability and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for spaces that blend indoor and outdoor elements.

Using these materials in your commercial interior design project improves both the look and the practicality of the space, to perfectly blend style with function.

4 Innovative Approaches in Commercial Design

Wooden bar face panel under Marble high bar. 
Wooden bar face panel under Marble high bar. 

1. Biophilic Co-Working Spaces

Wood panels line the wall of an office space with a desk. 
Wood panels line the wall of an office space with a desk. 

Create a co-working space focused on well-being by incorporating biophilic design. Use hardwood and Thermowood® to add living green walls, indoor gardens, and natural wood features. This design improves air quality and connects occupants with nature to help increase productivity and creativity.

2. Dynamic Retail Experiences

Create retail spaces that invite exploration and interaction. Use composite materials for customizable display units that can be adapted for different products or seasons. Incorporate kinetic architecture elements, where movable wooden panels and shelves change the layout, to encourage customers to return and see what’s new, in order to create a dynamic and ever-evolving shopping experience.

3. Art Gallery and Showroom Hybrid

An art gallery with wooden panels on the ceiling. 
An art gallery with wooden panels on the ceiling. 

Design a multi-functional space that serves both as an art gallery and a showroom for luxury products by utilizing hardwood for flooring and wall paneling to provide a sophisticated backdrop for artworks and high-end merchandise. Integrated lighting solutions within the woodwork can highlight the displayed items by enhancing their appeal and drawing attention to the craftsmanship.

4. Sensory Restaurant Spaces

Outdoor restaurant overlooking the coastline with wooden tables and decking.
Outdoor restaurant overlooking the coastline with wooden tables and decking.

Aim to create a dining experience that engages all the senses, where every detail adds to the overall atmosphere. Use Thermowood® for its unique texture and scent to enhance the natural feel of the space. Add elements of acoustic design to keep the dining environment peaceful. Plan the layout with different areas suited for various dining experiences, including cozy booths surrounded by wooden arches and open spaces decorated with wooden sculptures to captivate the guests.

Discover Sustainable Elegance in Commercial Interiors with Lumber Plus

Hotel interior lined with light gray panels.
Hotel interior lined with light gray panels.

Take your interior space to new heights with Lumber Plus, and create one of the best commercial interior designs that meets your beauty and durability needs.

Check out our wide selection of wall and ceiling products to see how they can make your space more innovative and stylish.

Contact us today for more information!



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