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Why Thermowood Pine with Novawood Technology™ is the Superior Choice Over Teak for Cladding

Our comprehensive comparison between both species will help you make the right choice for your wall and ceiling project.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable wood for your cladding needs, you may be considering two popular options: Thermowood Pine™ and plantation Teak. While Teak is a well-known material for cladding, it may not be the best choice when compared to Thermowood Pine.

Here’s why Thermowood Pine™ is the superior choice over plantation Teak for cladding.


Thermowood Pine™ is renowned for its thermal modification process, which enhances the natural qualities of wood using innovative technology. On the other hand, replanted Teak is simply harvested without any special treatment, making it vulnerable to insect attack, rot, and mold – which could have been prevented with proper care. Furthermore, Thermowood Pine™ comes with a 25-year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

>>> Winner: Thermowood Pine™


When it comes to choosing between replanted Teak and Thermowood Pine™, the decision is clear. Thermowood Pine™ boasts a rich golden color with rustic knots and grains that make it highly distinctive. In contrast, plantation Teak features grains that run along the board with mixed darker and lighter colors, and much of the wood comes from the most fragile parts of the tree, resulting in a “white fading” aspect.

>>> Winner: Thermowood Pine™


Maintaining Thermowood Pine™ and replanted Teak is a breeze. If you prefer the natural silver-gray patina that develops over time, then little to no maintenance is needed. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the lustrous color of your cladding, simply apply a UV-inhibiting hardwood oil regularly. Both products require similar maintenance, making them ideal for homeowners looking for low-maintenance options.

>>> Winner: Tie


When it comes to lengths, Thermowood Pine™ and replanted Teak differ significantly. Replanted Teak only grows to a maximum length of 8 feet, while Thermowood Pine™, being a longer tree, can grow up to 17 feet. With Thermowood Pine™, you have the option of longer lengths, which means fewer seams in your cladding and a more uniform appearance for your walls and ceilings.

>>> Winner: Thermowood Pine™


Thanks to the thermal modification process that Thermowood Pine™ undergoes, it is less dense than plantation Teak and therefore easier to install. With just a nail gun, you can quickly install Thermowood for your soffits and sidings, which saves you time and effort compared to installing Teak, which requires pre-drilling. Furthermore, Thermowood’s lightweight and resistance make it an ideal solution for soffits and ceilings.

>>> Winner: Thermowood Pine™


When it comes to value, Thermowood Pine™ is the clear winner. Not only does it come in premium lengths of 8’ and 17’ for 1×6 cladding at a starting price of $2.70, but it is also 20% cheaper than replanted Teak. On the other hand, plantation Teak only comes in shorter lengths of 6, 7, and 8 feet at a cost of $3.39 per linear foot. Opting for Thermowood Pine™ can save you money on both the material cost and labor and installation costs.

>>> Winner: Thermowood Pine™

The Superior Choice: Why Thermowood Pine™ is the Clear Winner

After a detailed comparison between Thermowood Pine™ and replanted Teak, it’s clear that Thermowood Pine™ is the superior choice for wood cladding. With its enhanced natural characteristics, longer lengths, easier installation, and superior value, Thermowood Pine™ from Lumber Plus is the obvious choice for your next project.

At Lumber Plus, we offer the best prices and largest product availability of Thermowood Pine™, ready to ship anywhere in the U.S. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Thermowood Pine™ from Lumber Plus for your wood cladding needs.



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