The Maintenance Handbook
Having a deck is giving more life to your home, but with more life comes the serious work of taking care of it. Fortunately, at Lumber + we wanted to save you time and we listed quick ideas that would help you to follow the best way to take care of your deck.

Wood rots and photodegrades when it comes into contact with moisture or from being exposed to all climatic changes, so it is important to protect them properly. Be sure that you use the highest quality coverings. Try to obtain products without white spirit, ready to use, fast-drying and resistant to the outside, as these will ensure correct protection. It is important to protect all sides of the deck to ensure that it is not affected by moisture.

We recommend annual maintenance, once we notice that the deck looks dull and has lost its shine.

Maintenance-free decks turn gray from constant exposure to the sun. Black spots appear and the danger of fungus. If these stains have already appeared, before the maintenance work, we advise you to use a good cleaner and polish so that the true color of the original surface of the wood appears. Let dry and proceed to the protection work with the appropriate product.

The decks built around the pools are constantly wet and are also affected by rain and dew. To avoid slipping, we recommend applying a non-slip varnish, or a product that contributes to adherence to this type of surface.

The key to preventing mold growth and wood deterioration is regular maintenance. If you keep your deck clean, it will be refreshed and fungus-free. To do this, once you notice that the wood is losing shine and feels worn, you just have to sand the deck with soft sandpaper, clean it, and apply a pure layer of antifungal protector. This will facilitate maintenance without the need for strippers, thinners, spatulas, scrapers, complicated and/or deep sanding.

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