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Living In A Rental? Invest In A Deck For Renovation

No matter where you live, pre-assembled deck tiles always make decking possible – and here's how.

There’s no denying that finding the perfect home to settle down in is much easier said than done. This is why so many prospective homeowners start off with rental houses. And while rental homes can allow a lot of freedom for the renter with flexible leases and pay rates, they can also limit the amount of work or renovation you can do. But even with these limitations, adding temporary renovations to your rental home is not entirely out of the question. One of the possibilities is to invest in a deck.

Deck tiles are top-rated products. They are cost-efficient, durable, easy to install, and allow for higher mobility to take from rental to rental. Not to mention that these deck tiles are a great way to cover an ugly porch or patio. Or even to create an outdoor living space cheaply. These tiles are the perfect solution to construct the deck of your dreams, even if your living arrangements are only temporary. In this post, we’ll dive deep into the benefits of portable deck tiles. We will also examine the ways you can use these tiles to improve the look of your rental home.

Why invest in a deck? Easy Installation And Even Easier Maintenance

Picture of deck tiles getting installed.
Deck tiles getting installed. Credit Lumber Plus

One of the most important attributes of any deck tile is the installation process and its general maintenance afterward. Lumber Plus deck tiles are known for their simple installation process and even simpler maintenance upkeep. Because these tiles just lock together, you can install them quickly and efficiently. Plus, without using any extra tools or special skills. In addition to their effortless installation, these tiles are incredibly durable. This is due to the fact that they are made up of some of the hardest woods on the market. For example,Ipe, Cumaru, and even Jatoba. And in the case that something happens to one tile, it’s easy to replace it. You can just snap a new one in. This comes in handy when you’re only looking for a temporary solution for your rental property, and plan on using the same tiles when your lease is up.

Lumber Plus offers a range of sizes. For example, 20” X 20”, 24” X 28”, and the ultramodern 24″ X 24″ deck tile. The last one is regarded as one of the best in the industry when it comes to straightforward installation and simple maintenance. Unlike others with complicated fitting, these 24″ X 24″ tiles utilize a simple process that involves using deck supports or installation grids. It helps anchor down the tiles, thus securing them into place without any extra maintenance or attention. Because these tiles are crafted in hardwood, they make for the perfect, solid outdoor floor surface. And if this wasn’t to sell you on, these deck tiles are known for their longevity and long-lasting strength. You can use them from rental to rental until you find the perfect home.

Perfect For Any Rental Home

Nobody finds the perfect home right off the bat. Finding the home of your dreams takes time, patience, and a whole lot of research. So in the meantime, it’s important to find a rental that fits all of your needs. But just because you find a rental that fits your needs (and budget) doesn’t mean it has everything you want in a home. Sometimes, a lease prevents the renter from making any permanent changes or renovations to the property. But what if we were to tell you that there was a way to renovate your rental home without it being a permanent addition? Invest in a deck.

Pciture of hardwood deck tiles.
Nice hardwood deck tiles. Credit Lumber Plus

Portable deck tiles give you the perfect opportunity to add your personal flair and style to your temporary living space without ever damaging or altering the foundation. And you can never forget that these tiles are the perfect solution for covering up any ugly or damaged patios and decks. Because of how simple it is to install these tiles, adding hardwood deck tiles to your temporary home is quick and painless, resulting in a DIY process that not only elevates the look of your rental but makes it something unique and special to you.

What if you have to move?

Now you may be asking yourself: what happens when I find the perfect home and need to move once my lease is up? What am I supposed to do? Just leave behind my cherished and loved deck tiles? Not at all The ultimate beauty of these deck tiles is the fact that they are portable. They are explicitly built to be transported from place to place. This is why so many renters allow tenants to install these deck tiles because of their convenient portability. So the next time you feel out of options with renovating your rental home, keep portable deck tiles in mind when designing the deck of your dreams in a home that may not be.

Placing Deck Tiles Over Existing Surfaces

Picture of Deck tiles placed over an existent surface.
Deck tiles placed over an existent surface. Credit Lumber Plus

It’s no secret that not every rental is up to regular standards. This may be something as big as faulty wiring to something as insignificant as a bad paint job. No matter what the reason is, no rental is perfect. This is why so many renters are dissatisfied with their temporary home. But what if we were to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way? Well, with these hardwood deck tiles, it doesn’t have to be. With their sleek design and captivating look, these deck tiles allow you to cover up any outside space that you may find unappealing or hard on the eyes. These deck tiles can be placed over all existing surfaces, such as old wood decking, stone, brick, and even concrete. Because of this, deck tiles can be used to transform the stale look of your rental home into something beautiful and awe-inspiring.

No matter what design or size you purchase, all tiles accomplish the same goal of adding a distinct style and texture to an otherwise dull and insignificant piece of property. As we mentioned above, Lumber Plus provides various stable sizes such as 20” X 20”, 24” X 72”, 24” X 48”, and 24″ X 24″ deck tile that’s perfect for covering any form of flooring, specifically our Ipe species. Plus, these tiles come in a variety of species, such as Ipe, which is the perfect hardwood for this material.

Invest in a deck and achieve complete freedom

With our tile, you’re given the freedom to enhance the look of any previous deck or flooring, making the possibilities endless for your rental home. Never feel like you’re out of options when it comes to the design of your rental and invest in a deck. With portable deck tiles, you are allowed complete freedom when it comes to the look of your temporary home.



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