A Quick Selection Of The Best Features of Turf
The turf trend does not stop growing and every day more people discover the many advantages that artificial grass offers not only in sports or leisure facilities but also in private residences.

In recent years, technological advances have made it possible to achieve high-quality synthetic lawns that offer a beauty very similar to that of natural grass and, in addition, they are an excellent option to enjoy a beautiful garden on any patio or terrace.

Turf is a carpet made with a resistant thread very similar to that of natural grass. At Lumber+ we wanted to save you time and we have listed what we consider to be the ten best advantages to take into account when choosing yours
  • It is installed on any type of floor.

  • Inexpensive maintenance: it only needs a periodic brushing with a broom.

  • Great durability and resistance to inclement weather and UV rays.

  • Always neat and clean appearance.

  • Soft and fluffy texture.

  • It does not cause allergies.

  • It does not spread the flames of the fire.

  • It can be installed in all kinds of spaces.

  • It allows us to save water since it only needs minimal watering on very hot days to lower its temperature or from time to time to remove dust.

  • It is pet-friendly.

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