6 Reasons to Use Ipe Deck Tiles Over Concrete

From aesthetics to ease of installation, we've listed six good reasons why you should consider covering your your concrete floor with these tropical hardwood deck tiles.

If you are a homeowner looking for new ways to liven up your home, the exterior of your house might be a good place to start. One common scenario for homeowners is having an old patio in need of a touch-up. And a common question these same homeowners ask is whether or not they can build a deck over their old stone or concrete patio. Not only is this a viable way to spruce up your outdoor living area, but it’s also a relatively easy project to undertake. This is especially true if you use hardwood deck tiles. Ipe deck tiles in particular are incredibly durable, easy to assemble, and will look great just about anywhere.

Ipe has long been regarded as one of the best tropical hardwoods for all sorts of projects. Now, as more homeowners and contractors look to use high-quality, sustainable resources, Ipe lumber is becoming even more in demand.

Reasons to Use Ipe Deck Tiles Over Concrete

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider using Ipe deck tiles over a concrete surface.

Easy to Install

When you buy Ipe deck tiles, you are getting high-quality hardwood that has been pre-assembled tile that will fit neatly into your space. You can easily fasten each Ipe deck tile to fit whatever size surface you need.

Ipe deck tiles are incredibly durable, easy to assemble, and will look great just about anywhere.

This is a major advantage over using regular lumber, as there is no need to fit the wood yourself. This can be especially beneficial with Ipe lumber, as it is both extremely hard and extremely heavy. Pre-assembled Ipe deck boards eliminate the hardest parts of the job. All you need to do is arrange the boards, and fasten them together.

Quick Connectors

Each Ipe deck tile can be fastened easily to fit whatever size surface you need.

You can use deck tile connectors to make the installation process even easier, and more efficient. Connectors are placed under the tiles themselves and are fitted to match the dimensions of your deck tiles. Once complete, the connectors are completely out of view, preserving the clean look of your new deck tiles. But they also help keep your tiles secured, while also making it easier for your deck to drain water.

Long-lasting & Sturdy

The trade-off of Ipe deck tiles being harder than most materials is that this hardwood is extremely durable. Ipe is one of the strongest natural hardwoods on the market. This means that it can withstand physical damage better than most. That alone makes it a great foundation for an outdoor deck, especially when reinforced with a concrete base. When treated properly, Ipe wood can last for up to and beyond 50 years. For the best results, apply a layer of sealer each year.

The extremely long lifespan of Ipe wood means that your deck renovation project can last you a lifetime. A sturdy deck made from a high quality wood like Ipe should also increase your home’s value.

Practical Solution

If your home already has a concrete surface that you’re looking to renovate, building a new deck is very practical. In most cases, the existing space will already be in use as a patio. Removing the concrete can be a hassle if it’s at ground level, and not an option if it’s a rooftop patio. Rather than trying to remove it, you can simply renovate the space using wooden deck tiles.

A wooden deck can be an upgrade, while still serving the same function as a patio. This is a great feature to have in any home, so there’s no reason to get rid of it. But using wooden deck tiles can take it to the next level, and provide better comfort and style. Which brings us to another benefit of using Ipe deck tiles over concrete.

Looks Great

Ipe has long been regarded as one of the best tropical hardwoods for all sorts of projects.

A concrete patio may be a nice feature to have, but concrete has never been the most visually appealing material. Ipe deck tiles, on the other hand, look spectacular. The natural wood color and grain of ipe tiles will always make a strong impression. This is an especially great upgrade for homeowners seeking a more natural look for their living space.

With proper maintenance, Ipe tiles can keep their natural grain and color for decades as well. Luckily, Ipe is a relatively low-maintenance hardwood. Most tiles will only require an annual layer of sealant to keep them looking good.


Using ipe deck tiles for your project can be surprisingly affordable when all is said and done. Ipe itself is one of the best quality hardwoods in the world. While it may cost more than cheaper lumber, Ipe deck tiles are still affordable, and provide great value. The long lifespan and low maintenance mean you won’t have to worry about costly future repairs and renovations.

Additionally, because Ipe deck tiles are easy to install, many homeowners can do the installation themselves. This can save on labor, as well as time. So you can start enjoying your new wooden deck in a short time, with relatively little financial cost.

Tips for Building an Ipe Wood Deck

If you have decided to build an Ipe wood deck over your old concrete surface, some tips about how to do it may be useful. The first step should also be cleaning the area where you will be building. Remove any debris and make sure the concrete is clean and smooth. There is no need to replace old concrete. You are just going to cover it with new Ipe deck tiles anyway.

Once the area is ready, you simply need to start putting your pre-built deck tiles into place. Many tiles will either have interlocking grooves or will have pre-drilled holes to be screwed in. All you need to do is make sure your tiles fit the space and arrange them properly.

Ipe wood itself is a bit heavier than other hardwoods, which may make it difficult to work with on your own. This is true even if you use pre-assembled deck tiles. But the labor involved in assembling your deck tiles is manageable, and can be done in one day.

As mentioned earlier, Ipe wood is relatively low-maintenance, and extremely durable. Once your deck is in place, you can start using it right away. Just make sure all the tiles are firmly in place, and enjoy your stunning new Ipe wood deck.

When choosing materials for your next DIY project, quality matters. At Lumber Plus, all of our Ipe lumber is sustainably harvested and carefully selected to ensure top quality. Lumber Plus only uses lumber from carefully managed forests to ensure sustainability and the preservation of the forest’s natural lifecycle.



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