Walnut, also called Black Walnut (scientific name: Juglansnigra), has a heartwood of pale brown to dark brown color with dark brown streaks. Sapwood is pale yellow-grey to white. Figured grain patterns are also present. Its texture is medium, luster is moderate and grain is generally straight but may be slightly irregular.

Walnut is commonly found in eastern United States. It is very durable for resisting decay but prone to insect attack.

Janka Hardness :

4,490 N(1,010 lbf)

Average Dried Weight :

610 kg/m3(38 lbs/ft3)

Workability :

Easy to work with if the grain is straight and regular. If grain is irregular or figured, surface pieces can suffer tear-out during planing.It is good with glues and stains(even if staining is unlikely),and finishes well.Responds well to steam bending.