Santos Mahogany, also called Cabreuva(scientific name: Myroxylonbalsamum), has a heartwood that can be light golden-brown, burgundy or dark purple-red in color. Quarter cut/sawn sections may have a ribbon/striped pattern. Its texture is moderate to fine, luster is good and grain is generally interlocked.

Santos Mahogany is commonly found in Central and South America and southern Mexico. It is said to be very resistant to decay and moderately resistant to insect attack.

Janka Hardness :

10,680 N(2,400 lbf)

Average Dried Weight :

915 kg/m3(57 lbs/ft3)

Workability :

High density and interlocked grain make it fair-to-poor to work on. It finishes well but gluing and staining can be difficult. It has a significant blunting effect on cutting tools.