Trex Fascia Enhance Basics


Trex Enhance® Basics and Trex Enhance® Naturals both offer fade and stain protection, as well as enhanced mold and mildew resistance, to make maintenance simple. And because the boards are scalloped, they’re as lightweight as lumber—without the extra work.


Every Trex® piece can define its signature blend of style and strength by compromising with offering high-performance composite wood. Long-lasting, modern, and easy-to-care-for outdoor. Trex®  doesn’t harvest rainforests to make their products. In fact, they never cut down a single tree. Enhance is made of recycled materials, from reclaimed wood and sawdust to plastic packaging.

Additional information

Weight46.80 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 1 in

Clam Shell, Beach Dune, Saddle

Nominal Size



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