Tigerwood Random Length Black Label

$3.99 \ Lineal foot

The wood is very resistant to humidity which makes it difficult to glue. It has a lot of elasticity and a good finish. The most common uses are flooring, veneer, furniture, cabinets, carving, and other specialty wood products such as pool cues, shooting bows, and knife handles.


Tiger Wood, also called Tigerwood, Goncalo Alves, and Jobillo (scientific name: Astroniumgraveolens and A. fraxinifolium), has a heartwood of reddish-brown color, with irregular streaks of black/dark brown. Its texture is fine and uniform, luster is good and grain is usually interlocked or wavy (sometimes straight).

Additional information

Weight2.14 kg
Dimensions6 × 5.4 in
Nominal Size



klin dried


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