Jatoba Random Length Black Label

$4.95 \ Lineal foot

Jatoba flooring is undoubtedly the main use of this wood. Manufacture of quality furniture or joinery. Both indoor and outdoor. Interior and exterior carpentry: doors, windows, moldings, friezes. Manufacture of natural wood veneers. It is not ideal for the unrolling technique but it is ideal for flat cutting. Cooperage. Shipbuilding. Turning. Hand tools and handles. Musical instruments.


A quality option, with great hardness and durability. Although somewhat difficult to work due to its hardness, Jatoba is ideal for those looking for a resistant wood at a good price. In Europe and North America, its main use is to manufacture floors or pallets. It is known in these places as Brazilian Cherry (Brazilian Cherry) given the resemblance they have as they age. This species is abundant in Central America and the Amazon area.

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Weight2.40 kg
Dimensions6 × 5.4 in
Nominal Size



klin dried


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