Garapa Random Length Black Label

$3.99 \ Lineal foot

Due to its main characteristics, it is used in the field of heavy Civil Architecture to build railway sleepers, bridges, body load boxes, gates, stakes, and fence posts. In light Civil Architecture, it is used to manufacture columns, beams, trusses, joists, purlins, reins, and roof support structures. Among its general uses, it is used to make sheets for veneer, plywood, multilaminate, or plywood coatings.


Garapa wood offers a characteristic tone that ranges from pale yellow to golden beige, which is very unusual in hard and dense woods. It is heavy, dimensionally stable, and durable in the open, with diffuse porosity, a fine and homogeneous texture, a soft luster, and a right to criss-cross, with no taste and odor.

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Kiln Dried, Kiln Dried grooved


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