Angelim Random Length Black Label

$3.00 \ Lineal foot

Interior and exterior carpentry. Interior carpentry. Furniture and cabinetmaking. Carpentry to assemble. Veneers for decorative coatings. Angelim is a very durable species compared to rot fungi; moderately resistant to mollusks and resistant to dry-wood termites. It is moderately easy to saw and flat; it is easy to nail, screw and allow a satisfactory finish its applications are varied such as doors, blinds, frames, wood panel coverings, countertops, meat boards, etc.


Brazilian wood heavy and hard when cut, dark reddish with an accentuated fibrous appearance. High natural durability, Angelim wood resistant to attack by xylophagous organisms, without the need for special treatment.

Additional information

Weight1.78 kg
Dimensions6 × 5.4 in
Nominal Size



klin dried


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